Difference of a PPA certified photographer to a amature one

When it comes to capturing those precious moments, you want to make sure you choose the right photographer for the job. Now, we’re not talking about any old shutterbug you find on Craigslist. We’re talking about a certified photographer from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

Why PPA, you ask? Well, for starters, PPA-certified photographers have the skills and training to handle any lighting situation and will always get the shot, no matter what. These photographers are not just in it for the money, but rather have a passion for their craft. And let’s be real, who wants a photographer who is only in it for the paycheck? One major benefit of hiring a PPA-certified photographer is their experience and training. You can trust that they have the knowledge and skills to capture all the important moments and make them look stunning. Plus, they have the resources available to them through PPA to continuously improve their craft. 

On the other hand, hiring an off the street photographer might seem like a good way to save some money, but you’re taking a big risk. Without proper credentials, you have no way of knowing their skill level or if they will even show up on time. Don’t be fooled by a cheap price tag; you may end up with subpar photos that don’t do justice to your special day. So, when it comes to hiring the right photographer, stick with a PPA-certified professional. You won’t regret it. They’re not just photographers, they’re artists who are dedicated to making your memories last a lifetime.

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