Just Like That Your Last 2 Months Before Your Wedding Day

2 Months Out: The Final Stretch Begins! 

1. Don’t forget to pick out your wedding rings - something you’ll both cherish every day. 

2. Are you planning a welcome bag for your guests? It’s a thoughtful touch that everyone will appreciate. And speaking of thoughtful touches, now’s the time to buy all your bridal accessories. 

3. Don’t forget to attend your first fitting - you’ll likely need a few more before the big day. 

4. Start collecting those RSVPs! Whether you’re using guest list manager or a spreadsheet, make sure you keep track of all the responses. 

5. A good time to confirm the details with your wedding vendors.

6. Also a good time to think about gifts for your wedding party, and start working on your vows. 

A Month Out: Get Ready to Get Married!

 It’s time to assemble your RSVPs and confirm all your menus. And if you’re planning a seating chart, now’s the time to start organizing it. You’ll also want to order any paper goods you may need for the big day. Don’t forget about your second bridal fitting! And now’s the time to order your thank-you cards - don’t forget to send them out within 3 months of your wedding. 

Planning your wedding the beginning stages

Are you getting ready to tie the knot? Here are some helpful tips to get you started on planning your perfect wedding!

Capture your love with engagement photos.

Mix it up with different outfits and locations to showcase your unique style.

Make communication easy with a wedding website. Using Zola, Wedding Wire, or The Knot is easy and they have lots to offer in organizing your dream wedding .

Ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

Reserve hotel blocks with different bed sizes and share this info on your website or through the free guest list manager.

Get the perfect shots with your wedding photographer.

Create a shot list to make sure that every special moment is captured.

Get your guests excited with beautiful save the dates.

Customize your design with your own personal style and receive a free sample pack to see the quality of our paper.

Now that you’re 8-10 months out, keep the ball rolling with these steps:

Meet with your officiant and plan your ceremony.

Book a wedding band or DJ - the good ones go fast!

Create your registry with Zola and add a mix of classic, unique, and honeymoon fund gifts.

Try on wedding dresses or suits and find the perfect style.

Explore invitation options, print or digital, and create your entire suite on Zola for a streamlined process.

Create a memorable wedding hashtag and encourage guests to use it throughout the weekend.

Why do I need to spend the $$ on a professional photographer?

The Power of Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Family Portraits

We all know that time never stops, and before you know it, your kids are all grown up. As parents, family portraits are an essential part of creating memories, capturing milestones, and preserving life’s precious moments. But the question is, do you need a professional photographer, or can you just use your smartphone to take photos? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why hiring a professional photographer for your family portraits is the best choice and why it’s worth the investment. 

A. Experience and Expertise - A professional photographer has the experience and expertise needed for family portrait sessions. They are knowledgeable about all the right angles, poses, lighting, and settings to take stunning photos that will last a lifetime. They have spent years learning, practicing, and mastering the art of photography. So, when you hire a professional photographer, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible photos.

B. High-Quality Images - Smartphones may have excellent cameras, but they cannot compare to the image quality that professional cameras can produce. Professional photographers use high-end cameras, lenses, and equipment that can capture the fine details, vibrant colors, and striking contrasts that cellphone cameras cannot. With a professional, you can expect to receive high-quality, fine art prints that will become family heirlooms. 

C. Creativity and Style - Professional photographers have their unique style and creative vision. They can bring out the personality and emotion of your family in ways that you might not have thought possible. They also have access to props and backdrops that can add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your family portraits. 

D. Peace of Mind - We all know how challenging it can be to get the perfect family photo, especially when young kids are involved. With a professional photographer, you can relax and enjoy the moment while they take care of everything else. They will guide you through the session, help with wardrobe choices, and make sure that everyone is comfortable. You won’t have to worry about anything except showing up and looking your best. 

E. Investment for the Future - Lastly, think of professional family portraits as an investment in your future. As your family grows and changes, these photos will become priceless memories. They will remind you of the love, laughter, and joy that comes with family life. With a professional photographer’s help, you can have amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

In conclusion, while smartphones have become very skilled at taking pictures, when it comes to family portraits, a professional photographer is still the best choice. A professional photographer can help you capture the beauty, love, and joy of your family in a way that will last a lifetime. They have experience, expertise, and artistic vision that will create images that you will treasure for years to come. So, when you are considering family portraits, remember to hire a professional photographer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Figure Out the Style of Photography You Like

 As a couple getting married, you will want every moment to be captured beautifully by your wedding photographer. However, you need to figure out the style of photography that you like to make sure that the photographer you hire captures the moments in the way that you want them. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to identify the style that speaks to you and how to hire the right photographer to capture your special day. 

Do your research: Start by browsing photography websites, Instagram pages, and Pinterest, to gather some inspiration. Pay attention to the style you are drawn to. Are you attracted to bright, vivid colors or prefer muted, pastel tones? Do you like images with a lot of contrast or a softer, light and airy feel? These are the key elements that make a photographer’s style. When you have a few photographers in mind, send them an email to inquire about their availability and pricing.

Interview the photographers: Once you have a list of potential photographers, you should have an in-person meeting with them. During the meeting, request to see full wedding albums rather than just their ‘best of’ showcase reel. Ask them about their experience in photographing weddings and whether they have ever worked at the venue where you plan to get married. You can also discuss the photographer’s approach and his or her ideas for capturing your wedding day. It’s essential to form a connection with your photographer to ensure that your personalities complement each other. 

Ask about their team: If you want a second shooter or an associate photographer to capture your wedding day, it’s important to know who will be there and whether their work supports the lead photographer’s style and skills. Verify whether they will be covering the groom’s preparations or other parts of the day that the primary photographer may not be there to capture. 

 Establish the photography timeline: A good photographer should work with you to establish what elements of the day you want to photograph and how much time you want to allot to each. This will help you create a cohesive timeline for the wedding and avoid rushing between locations. You should also confirm how many hours of coverage you will need and whether any additional time will incur extra fees. 

Selecting the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day is a significant decision, and it can be tough because there are so many talented photographers. Taking the time to discover the photographer whose work and style resonates with you is crucial in preserving the memories of your big day. By following the tips outlined in this post, you’ll have a clear idea of exactly what you want from a wedding photographer and will be confident in your choice.

Working and planning

Outdoor Reception at a colorful venue.
A flowing veil with a picturesque backdrop of the venue.
A slow dancing newlyweds on a dancing floor.

Listen up, party peeps! It’s time to get organized for your big day. Start by figuring out a system that works for you to keep track of all your wedding stuff. Consider using Google Drive, Evernote, Pinterest, a wedding binder, or a nifty calendar app (or a combo of these!). And don’t be afraid to share the load! Split tasks with your fiancé or hire a wedding planner to keep things running smoothly.

Next, it’s time to prioritize! Forget about stuff you don’t care about. If you don’t like cake, skip it and get a bunch of donuts instead. Flowers not your thing? Embrace nature and get married outside! Don’t feel the pressure to follow all the “traditions” - narrowing things down will save you time and make your wedding more personal.

Ready to start venue hunting? Good news, you can do it from the comfort of your couch! Check out HereComesTheGuide.com for a ton of options. Sort by location, budget, style - you name it. Get special offers and discounts and see gorgeous photos before booking a site visit (or even a virtual tour!).  

Speaking of virtual - many venues are now offering virtual site tours. You can check out the event spaces, ask questions, and address concerns as they come up. All while in your sweatpants on the couch - sounds like heaven, right?

And if you really want to simplify your life, go for an all-inclusive package. These typically include catering, alcohol, rentals, staff, cake, and more - basically everything you need! Plus, venues with all-inclusive options often have a solid preferred vendor list, making your job even easier.

But let’s be real, planning a wedding can be stressful. That’s where a wedding planner comes in! An experienced coordinator will handle all the details and make sure things run smoothly on the big day. It’s like having a wedding fairy godmother (minus the magic wand).

Last but not least - take care of yourself! Don’t forget to practice some self-care during this hectic time. Take a long walk, read a book, or have a glass of wine (or two). And always remember to use your PTO wisely. Trust us - a mental health day will do wonders. 

 Now go get ‘em, tiger! Your dream wedding awaits.  


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